WGI - Food Policy Working Group - OPEN LETTER to the European Commission

The Whole Grain Initiative, joined by the co-signatories of this open letter, would like to bring to the attention of the European Commission some key considerations as part of its commitment to introduce Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labelling (FOPNL) in its landmark Farm to Fork Strategy, which aims to promote a shift to healthy, nutritious and sustainable diets.

9 November 2021: Whole Grains - A Game Changer for Public and Planetary Health

We are delighted to invite you to join our virtual policy roundtable, 'Whole Grains: A Game Changer for Public and Planetary Health – Can the Slovenian experience inspire Europe to address its leading dietary risk factor? ' on 9 November 2021 from 14:00 to 15:55 (CET).

16 November 2021: International Whole Grain Day Sign up today!

On Nov. 16th, 3:30-5:00 PM CET the WGI and a host of global leaders will discuss how the daily consumption of whole grains is a vital part of not only healthy, but also sustainable diets. Watch out the programme and register here. We invite you to participate in this webinar and spread the word throughout your organization and network.

7th Whole Grain Summit - Discover the programme and register!

Take this opportunity and register to the 7th Whole Grain Summit "From Science to Global application", which will be held as an online event on 25-27 October.  The WGS2021 intends to seek ideas and ways to translate the available scientific and technological knowledge into global application, resulting into an increase in availability of affordable and acceptable whole grain products in a diversity of markets. Dicsover the programme!

Join the Summit and meet colleagues from all around the globe!

Find all further details about the event any time at the WGS website!

US Whole Grains Month – September 2021

This marks the 11th annual US Whole Grains Month celebration put on in September by the Oldways Whole Grains Council, and the 2nd iteration of the Grainies Award challenge, brought back by popular demand after great success last year. This fall the WGC is rolling out the red carpet and rewarding consumers for their participation in a wide range of whole grain challenges.

The WholEUGrain Project: New Scientific Report on the Health Benefits of Whole Grain.

Scientists from the Danish Cancer Society and the Technical University of Denmark have written a new scientific report as a deliverable under the WholEUGrain project. The purpose of the report is to ensure the knowledge base as one of the prerequisites for establishing a national whole grain partnership in the partnering countries (Slovenia, Romania and Bosnia-Herzegovina) as well as in other European countries.

Save the date for the 3rd International Whole Grain Day: 16 November 2021

The third annual International Whole Grain Day celebration will include voices and content from all over the world. The WGI is organizing a virtual webinar on 16 November 3:30-5:00 PM CET and we aim to include speakers and experts from around the globe, highlighting how whole grains are an essential part of a healthy, sustainable diet. We invite you to participate in this webinar and spread the word throughout your organization and network.

7th Whole Grain Summit - Abstract submission deadline extended!

The abstract submission deadline has been extended to 31.07.2021!

New International Working Group on Food Policy

A new International Working Group on Food Policy has kicked-off. For more details read here.

The Whole Grain Week (21-27thJune)

This Whole Grain Week (21-27thJune), the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council are encouraging Australians to make the whole grain swap – a simple dietary change that could save the Australian economy upwards of $1.4billion in healthcare and lost productivity costs, according to a new Australian-first study.

Whole Grain Webinar Series: A Perspective from Sweden

Join the new addition to the Whole Grains webinar series organized by the WGI partner Cereals & Grains to discover global attitudes toward whole grains and their production in Sweden. Past additions to the series explored the Australian, U.S., and South Korean perspectives on whole grains. 

Swapping to whole grain could save Australia billions

Australia could make healthcare savings of more than $1.4 billion annually in the treatment of heart disease and type 2 diabetes simply by swapping just three serves a day of refined grain foods to whole grains.

The new research, published this week in the international journal Nutrients, calculated the savings in healthcare costs and lost productivity associated with reductions in heart disease and type two diabetes from increased consumption of whole grains.