The International Whole Grain Day 2022, November 15th

The climate crisis, Covid-19 pandemic, and recent war in Ukraine have shed light on growing importance of resilient, sustainable and healthy food systems. For policy makers, it is crucial to tackle the double challenge of providing food security to a growing global population while ensuring a smooth transition to sustainable food systems and healthier diets. Whole grains are the best ally to overcome those challenges: they have minimal environmental impact, are nutritionally dense and weather resistant, and can be stored for long periods.

On the occasion of our 4th Annual International Whole Grain Day celebration, opinion leaders from all around the globe will gather to discuss the importance of whole grains to achieve sustainable, healthy, and resilient food systems worldwide. 

The International Whole Grain Day Webinar

On Nov. 15th, 3:30-5:00 PM CET the WGI and a host of global leaders will discuss how the daily consumption of whole grains is a vital part of not only healthy, but also sustainable diets. 

Intersted in catching up on the last year's webinar content? You can watch the recording of the 2021 Whole Grain Day Webinar HERE, and you can view the final slide deck HERE and the press release HERE.