The climate crisis, Covid-19 pandemic, and recent war in Ukraine have shed light on growing importance of resilient, sustainable and healthy food systems. For policy makers, it is crucial to tackle the double challenge of providing food security to a growing global population while ensuring a smooth transition to sustainable food systems and healthier diets. Whole grains are the best ally to overcome those challenges: they have minimal environmental impact, are nutritionally dense and weather resistant, and can be stored for long periods.

On the occasion of our 4th Annual International Whole Grain Day celebration, opinion leaders from all around the globe will gather to discuss the importance of whole grains to achieve sustainable, healthy, and resilient food systems worldwide. 


1. Attend and Promote the WGI Webinar on 15th November 2022 

Show your support for the Whole Grain Initiative by spreading the word about our webinar event on Thursday, 15th November at 3:30 pm Central European Time. Please spread the word to your audience via social media and newsletters! 

2. Plan a Whole Grain Event of Your Own

There are so many ways to celebrate International Whole Grain Day in your own community. Organize an educational webinar or a whole grain baking class for your own audience. If you’re a food company, offer a special discount or giveaway to celebrate the big day. Choose a local school or charity and make a donation of whole grain products. The possibilities are endless, and we encourage you to be creative!

3. Share Whole Grain Content on Your Social Channels All Month Long                           

We encourage you to celebrate International Whole Grain Day in your own way. Share your favorite whole grain recipes, talk about your favorite grains, provide your audience with tips for finding and enjoying whole grains. Just remember to use #internationalWGDay, #makeyourgrainswhole, or #choosewholegrains to help amplify your message! You can also tag us at @eatwholegrains on Twitter and Instagram. We’ll be sharing content throughout November and encourage you to lend your voice as well!