Support for Whole Grains in the Scottish Parliament

A Private Members Debate was held in the Scottish Parliament on 2nd December 2020 to celebrate the International Whole Grain Day.

It was tabled by Stewart Stevenson MSP, who is enthusiastically leading the way in campaigning for increased whole grain consumption in Scotland. The Scottish Public Health Minister, Joe Fitzpatrick, also attended the debate and agreed that “as wholegrain foods contribute to fibre intake, they form an important part of working towards our dietary goals for fibre.” A joint letter has also been sent to the UK Government Public Health Minister to highlight the importance of International Whole Grain Day and calls for Government action and collaboration to increase the consumption of whole grains across the UK. UK stakeholders are also eagerly waiting on the results of a research bid application to the ‘Transforming the UK food system’ programme, which is being funded by the UK Government. Professor Peter Jackson and Professor Louise Dye, have submitted a research bid that if accepted, would conduct important research in transforming the UK food system, with a specific workstream aiming to increase the production and consumption of whole grains.