Global Definition of Whole-Grain Food

The International Working Group on Whole Grain Definition(s) is pleased to announce that the global definition for what constitutes a Whole Grain Food has been approved and endorsed by Cereals & Grains AssociationHealthGrain Forum and ICC.

The working group tasked with developing the definition set out to reach consensus on definitions for both whole grain as food ingredient and what constitutes calling a food ‘a whole grain food’.

These definitions are needed to ensure that all global stakeholders (academics, industry, public and government agencies) are clear on criteria to achieve scientific compliance but contribute to consumer confidence by preventing products with a small amount of whole grain being identified as a whole grain food.

Through the WGI, experts from academia, government agencies, and industry from around the globe have collaborated to develop a common global definition. The group considered already widely accepted current definitions and regulations as well as new developments. The WGI Global Whole-Grain Food Definition outlines criteria to use the term ‘whole grain’ in the product name and criteria to highlight the presence of whole grain.

The WGI International Working Group’s definitions can be downloaded any time from Publications.