Celebrating International Whole Grain Day 2023 – Australia

Celebrating International Whole Grain Day 2023 – Australia

The Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council (GLNC) celebrated Whole Grain Week from the 13th to the 19th of November, which promoted the benefits of whole grains for the whole family. The GLNC partnered with leading food industry members, not-for-profit organisations, and health-qualified professionals to spread awareness through various channels, including newsletters, podcasts, resources and social media, reaching a combined audience of over 1,290,600 people.


As part of the campaign, the GLNC created a recipe eBook called Healthy Made Delicious, a compilation of over 40 family-friendly whole grain-filled recipes from industry partners, which was downloaded almost 2000 times.


Instagram collaborations with 12 health-qualified influencers played a pivotal role in showcasing easy ways to eat more whole grains throughout the day via delicious and simple recipes and shopping content.


The GLNC worked with a dietitian and podcast host to create and share four podcast episodes that were listened to over 200 times throughout the week. These episodes focused on the benefits of whole grains for the whole family, debunked common nutrition myths surrounding grains, took a deep dive into a popular whole grain product and included an interview with an academic and entrepreneur on the re-emergence of native grains.


Whole Grain Week effectively engaged a broad audience through its family-oriented approach, promoting the adoption of whole grains.