Whole Grain Initiative


A whole day for whole grain

 What is the Whole Grain Initiative?

The Whole Grain Initiative aims to increase consumption of whole grains. 

The Whole Grain Initiative arose from the 6th International Whole Grain Summit 2017 in Vienna where 220 public health experts and PR managers, manufacturers and marketers, grain scientists and government regulators from 36 countries from all continents convened, aiming at coming to consensus and measurable results on how to increase consumption of whole grains.

To reach the goals identified in the Vienna Whole Grain Declaration, efforts cannot be limited to one or two stakeholders, but must be addressed using the combined efforts of all parties involved in the food supply chain.

 Based on the top priorities set, the following International Working Groups have been established. The International Working Groups will focus on:

  • Whole Grain Definition(s)
  • Whole Grain Intake Recommendation(s)
  • Economic Evaluation of Increased Whole Grain Intake
  • Sustainable Whole Grain Consumption
  • Best Practices for Public-Private Partnerships
  • Fact Based Whole Grain Information

Who are the members of the Whole Grain Initiative?

Members of the Whole Grain Initiative are any interested parties who wish to promote the increase of whole grain consumption.

 Are you interested in getting involved?

The Whole Grain Initiative is growing and new parties may join! Currently the WGI has collaborators such as ICC, Healthgrain Forum, University of Minnesota, Bühler, AACCI, CPW, Oldways Whole Grains Council, VTT and many others - view the partners. Get more details and.....